KIPCULE: At a glance
KIPCULE is an insulating drink sleeve which keeps drinks cooler (or beverages hotter), is greener, safer, and enhances the customers experience.

Your humble stubby cooler (drink cooler, beer holder, beer cozie / cosie, koozie, coosie, beer hugger, coolies, beer sleeve, beer jacket, …..) now comes in an environmentally friendly and more safe / hygienic version known as KIPCULE.

KIPCULE is an insulating sleeve which wraps around the drink / beverage, and provides thermal performance comparable to more expensive products. Yes….Kipcule is very effective at keeping your drink cooler and saves you dollars!

KIPCULE is greener by using materials which are recyclable/biodegradable. This will highlight and align your product, business or service with the consumers greater environmental consciousness.

KIPCULE is safer and more hygienic as the product is for single use only. Alternate products never get cleaned and the germs can be transferred to the next user. Remember our recent global event!

KIPCULE is flexible in sizing (including drinks served in tapered glasses / cups) and suits various standard drink and beverage dimensions and is suitable for coffee, beer, water, soft drinks in either cup, glass, bottle, can or decanter.

KIPCULE helps with drink security; When the sleeve is wrapped firmly around the flat surface of the drink, the condensation is absorbed by the sleeve causing it to cling to the drink bottle, can, or glass. This helps minimise nuisance drips and reduce the risk of drinks being dropped from wet and slippery hands.

KIPCULE has the power to promote and its applications are endless: products, businesses, events, clubs, sports, promotions etc. It can also be supplied to hotels, stores, cafes, restaurants, sports clubs, schools, etc.

Your business will potentially be more successful in its advertising campaigns through continuous and impactful marketing. Your product, business, or your operation will be seen as a market leader in providing a cleaner and more safe and hygienic product.

Environmentally friendly promotional products
With a potential market of over 2 Trillion*, there has never been a more environmentally friendly, safe / hygienic and convenient way to promote your product, business, resort, sports club, restaurant or café than with… KIPCULE.

KIPCULE can potentially increase your sales, as it is physically being held in the hand of the user, while also enhancing your customer’s experience.

Your customer is being exposed to your advertising message constantly for up to 40 minutes (average 12 minutes). It’s difficult to find another advertising medium which provides the same level of marketing focus, and is available to a potential market of over 2 Trillion (packaged drinks consumed) annually.

KIPCULE represents excellent Return on Investment potential; A minimum order of 5000 KIPCULE sleeves, gives you approximately 60,000 minutes of uninterrupted advertising time (12 minutes x 5000 sleeves), and for only a small investment of cents per sleeve.

An Independent study (published by KATZ America on Drink Coasters) of disposable promotional products, which advertised businesses, products or services have determined that there are substantial benefits to be gained. Similarly, KIPCULE’s marketing power and potential market reach is significant.

  • Sales had been increased month over month by approximately 35%, as a result of advertising on disposable promotional products.
  • On average, 2 out 3 people remembered the product, business, service being advertised post their dining / drinking experience.
  • Advertising on disposable promotional products influenced approximately 22% of purchasing decisions.

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